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Elizabeth Lee

Elizabeth Lee

Am Sonntag, den 3. April 2011 ist Elizabeth Lee zu Gast im Blues in Rhede. Lee präsentiert ihren Fans Psycho Blues & Acid Roll. Einlass is tab 19:00 Uhr, Beginn ca. 19:30 Uhr.

Musician, Artist, Rock and Roll

My name Is Elizabeth ….I like to “LIVE OUT LOUD”.  I’ve been playing music for as long as I can remember.  Started out in a small church choir in Pasadena Texas.  I suppose it was the likes of gospel, Southern Rock, and good ole’ Texas Rock and Blues, that got my influences churning and laid down my first roots.  I write most of the songs and co-write the others.  My favorite co-writers being Larry Chaney and Luca Gallina, two of the finest guitar players I’ve ever known. I’ve lived in Houston, Nashville, New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Austin, Prevalle and Wimberley, and I’ve found great music and creative juice in each and everyone of them.

My band is ELIZABETH LEE’S COZMIC MOJO.  We are based out of Brescia, Italy and tour Europe half the year. “Because of their non-conventional approach to music, their sound is particular and alternative blues psychonauts with a great heart for r’n’r. Fat Possum oriented trash punk blues band, Cozmic Mojo, has a Renaissance sensibility… kicked in the ass by a Texas rock and roll singer“. – Ernesto De Pascale of „Il Popolo del Blues“ Elizabeth Lee’s Cozmic Mojo has shared the stage with artists such as Jeff Beck, Patti Smith, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Eric Sardinas, Rudy Rotta, Sandra Hall, Nine Below Zero, Rick Vito, John Mooney, Motorhead, Steppenwolf, Rick Danko, Anna Popovic, Nick Beccattini… among others.

Some of the festivals we have played include:

Pistoia Blues Festival (Pistoia), Lario Jazz’n Blues Festival (Como I) , Woman in Blues (Ceccano/Roma I), Vallemaggia Blues (Cevio CH), Subiaco Rock&Blues (Subiaco/Roma I), Bourbon Street Festival (Austria), Beersel Blues Rock (Beersel B), Villa Flavia Blues (Palermo I), Primo Maggio Festival (Cortemaggiore/ Piacenza I), Rock in Vogelwald Festival (Laimnau D), Tiferno Blues Festival (Città di Castello/Perugia I), Nistoc Festival (Nistisino di Sulzano/Lago d’Iseo I), Negrar Sound Festival (Fiamene/Verona I), Radio Saw Hit Arena (Halle D), Dreamland (Passirano/Brescia I). Our touring route includes: Germany, France, Austria, Holland, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Hungary, Spain and Poland.

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