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Hassenstein Organ Trio in Rhede

Hassenstein Organ Trio in Rhede

Am Mittwochabend, den 10.11.2010 fand der 51. Rheder Jazzabend im Blues in Rhede mit dem Christian Hassenstein Organ Trio statt. Die drei Musiker Christian Hassenstein (Gitarre), Norbert Sasse (Schlagzeug) und Dirk Schaadt (Hammond B3 Orgel) präsentierten ihren Zuhörern Jazzmusik der Extraklasse.  Auf dem Programm standen Stücke wie New blues, Raios de luz, Monk in Brazil und Sambaeolia von Christian Hassenstein sowie All blues von Miles Davis, What is this thing called love von Cole Porter und auch Eddie likes it von Dirk Schaadt.

The sound of a Hammond B3 organ can’t be described in words, it has to be experienced live. This trio respects the heritage of past organ-trios (Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff, Larry Young etc.) but refines itself constantly in search of individualism and meaning. In this framework the creative process is of great importance in soloing or interplay.

Christian and Dirk schaadt are the main soloists in this trio. As a virtuoso soloist with 25+ years of experience Christian can express himself uninibited employing single lines or chords. The seasoned organist Dirk Schaadt utilizes the possibilities of the organ to the max by using keys and foot-pedals effectively. The picture gets rounded out by drummer Norbert Sasse. Naturally not only a accompanist with big ears but a equal partner communicating on par with the rest of the group. In addition to originals, the Trio plays modern Jazz based on the standard latin and swing repertoire.

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