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Aynsley Lister live im blues


Am Sonntag, den  20. Oktober 2013 ist Aynsley Lister gemeinsam mit seiner Band zu Gast im blues in Rhede um sein aktuelles Konzertprogramm zu präsentieren. Das Konzert beginnt um 19.00 Uhr. Der Eintritt kostet 11.00 EUR im Vorverkauf und 13.00 EUR an der Abendkasse. Sichert Euch also rechtzeitig Eure Konzertkarten! Konzertabo: Ein Konzert an der Abendkasse kostet 13.00 EUR, im Vorverkauf 11.00 EUR. Mit dem Konzertabo bezahlt Ihr für 3 Konzerte NUR 30.00 EUR! Kartenvorverkauf und Veranstaltungsort: b.l.u.e.s. :: Kirchstr. 9 :: 46414 Rhede

When explosive natural ability collides with fiery, emotionally charged compositions, the result is Aynsley Lister; an incredible guitarist whose brand of blues-based rock delivers contemporary song writing fueled with the kind of heart and soul that’s missing from so much modern music. Whether passionately writing and recording his own material or mesmerising audiences at his live shows one thing is abundantly clear: music is hardwired to his DNA and flows from his fingertips like sonic bolts of lightning. With in excess of 100,000 albums sold, lashings of critical acclaim and years of high profile touring, Lister’s resumé speaks for itself and firmly secures his position as a leading light in the resurgence of British blues-infused music. Aynsley is currently ready to release his tenth album, ‚Home‘, which is currently available exclusively at his shows prior to its release date. The album is released on his own label (Straight Talkin‘ Records), as he’s sagely decided to take control by bringing everything in-house following other successful artists who’ve cut out the record companies with astonishing results. Needless to say, the tour in support of the album promises to be something truly special, not just for the fans, but for the main man himself: Music is a release for me. When I play I get lost in it and it’s a very happy place to be – Aynsley Lister

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